life-happens“Life happens and no matter what mountain you climb, goals you reach, man or woman you get, friend you make, or dollar amount you put in your pocket — life happens. Life may knock you down, delay your goals, remove people from your life, and deplete you of all your resources. A shift is happening and you must be patient because life will happen again. Every season is for a reason. Life will lift you up, take you out, and place you in a position to grow, mature, and reap the harvest you so desire. Life happens and it is happening to you right now.” Chapter 7 – Through It All

In my book “A Rose Can’t Grow in a Garden of Weeds”, I take you through each chapter of my life from being abandoned and abused as a child, growing up in an government institution, diagnosed with an incurable illness, going through a troubled marriage that ended in divorce, becoming a single mother, discovering my purpose while wondering through the wilderness, and later finding myself in the valley trying to figure out if I should give up or hold on.

You will be inspired and motivated to incorporate the techniques and wisdom that I share into your own life as well as learning how to identify the weeds that can prevent you from blossoming into the person you are created to be.

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